Organizational Solutions LLC specializes in organizing and managing projects at your home and/or business with clients in the Portland metropolitan area.

Organizational Solutions LLC provides customers with top notch service no matter how big or small the project, taking your desire to be more productive very seriously and set out to create systems in your home and business that will be long-lasting solutions.

The Process

  • The Consultation   

The initial session begins with a walk-through of your home or office, we will discover where the pressure points are: what drives you crazy, what confuses you, what overwhelms you. Then we will begin to discover what inspires you as you describe and envision your ideal space, verbalizing your goals for decluttering.

  • Working Together

The next phase is all about springing into action. We work together to design simple, creative systems that fit your personal lifestyle and/or business. Items marked for disposal are donated to the appropriate charity, waste is recycled, and excess is unburdened responsibly. A sense of relief is palpable as your environment slowly begins to breathe again. Efficiency and tranquility are restored.

  •  The Long Term

In our final phase, we will work with you to create an easy, comfortable process for maintaining organization over the long haul. As you begin to make use of the toolset we leave behind, projects can be broken down into smaller units, difficult challenges are met with ingenuity, and simple living becomes the norm. We make problem-solving an art form rather than a daily source of dread.


  1. Moving Prep & Downsizing – If your family is growing or you’re downsizing, we can help you with your move. Whether it’s helping you clean-out before your move or packing or unpacking, Organizational Solutions LLC helps ease your mind from beginning to end.

  2. Packing, Transitioning & Unpacking – We act as a project manager for your home and help to direct movers*, thus helping to transition into the new house and unpacking with ease.

  3. Storage Spaces – Are the boxes in your home storage area or off-site storage unit gathering dust or need to be gone through? We can create an organizing system that will free up valuable storage space in your home or off-site storage unit.

  4. Staging & Decorating – Let us help you get your home ready to sell and get the maximum sales price. We specialize in both interior and exterior staging and decorating. From getting those unruly closets ready for viewing to creating beautiful floral accents inside and outside of your home.

*Organizational Solutions LLC only uses licensed and bonded contractors.